Program Committee

Zhaozheng Yin Assistant Professor Computer Science Department Missouri University of Science and Technology

Weidong (Tom) Cai Associate Professor School of Information Technologies University of Sydney

Mei Chen Associate Professor Computer Engineering Department University at Albany State University of New York

Margrit Betke Professor Computer Science Department Boston University

An-An Liu Associate Professor Electronic Engineering Department Tianjin University

Jens Rittscher Professor Engineering Science Department University of Oxford

Shaoting Zhang Assistant Professor Computer Science Department University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Nathan Hotaling NEI Unit on Ocular Stem Cells and Translational Research NIH

Maric Dragan National Institutes of Health NIH

Joe Chalfoun Software and Systems division Information Technology Laboratory NIST

Michael Halter Cell Systems Science Group Material Measurements Laboratory NIST

Antonio Cardone Assistant Research Scientist UMIACS University of Maryland at College Park

Piotr M. SzczypiƄski Professor Institute of Electronics Lodz University of Technology Poland

Sang-Chul Lee Associate professor Department of Computer Engineering INHA University Korea.

Chao Chen Associate professor Department of Computer Science CUNY Queens College & CUNY Graduate Center